Worried that your skin looks older than you feel? Here are five easy steps you can take now to maintain a youthful appearance with the power of simple, natural hydration.

1.REPLENISH “HA” – Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is one of the skin’s most important natural components for hydration and moisture retention. Inside the skin, it attracts and holds water like a sponge. Without the proper levels of HA, skin may appear dull and wrinkled. HA is abundant in young skin, but we start losing it slowly in our 30’s, then more and more rapidly in our 40’s and 50’s. WrinkleMD’s dermatology experts recommend using WrinkleMD Hyaluronic Acid Deep Infusion treatments once a week to help effectively replenish HA in the epidermis, targeting specific wrinkle areas. Replenishing HA has both preventative and corrective anti-wrinkle benefits, and is one of the best natural wrinkle treatments.

2. QUENCH YOUR THIRST – Water is a wonderful and easy way to stay hydrated. Without adequate hydration, dry skin is less able to repair itself and generate new cells, which can cause the signs of aging to accelerate. The National Institutes of Health recommends everyone consume eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. Hydrating from the inside helps minimize wrinkles.

3. ENJOY FRUIT – You can hydrate your body with fruit options that are at least 90% water by weight. Enjoy watermelon, strawberries, grapefruit, cantaloupe, and more for their fresh flavors, sweet taste and high water content.

4. EAT VEGETABLES – Many vegetables are not only colorful, but rich sources of water. Cucumber, iceberg lettuce, celery, radishes, tomatoes, green peppers, spinach, and broccoli are all green vegetables with high water content. Enjoy individually as a snack, or combine for a delicious fresh salad. Either way, you’ll be fighting wrinkles at the same time.

5. PLAN AHEAD – For a sunny day at the beach or a hike in the shade of tall trees, don’t forget sunscreen and pack plenty of water, fruit and vegetables to stay hydrated while enjoying the outdoors. When you’re indoors, take advantage of opportunities to hydrate all day long. Set aside 30 minutes at-home each week to pamper yourself with WrinkleMD Hyaluronic Acid Deep Infusion natural wrinkle treatments.

Now is the best time to start looking as young as you feel. Take the extra steps to hydrate and your skin will thank you.