Whether it’s myth or fact, a lot of people believe that men are from Mars, and women are from Venus. If it’s true, do we have different skincare needs and require different anti aging treatments? Not necessarily. When we’re talking about clinically proven effective anti aging treatments, men and women live on the same planet.

Structural Differences

  • Skin thickness: because androgens (i.e. testosterone) are present, a man’s skin is about 25 percent thicker than that of a woman’s. Even though this is true, a man’s skin will also gradually thin with age.
  • Collagen density: men have the higher collagen density. So, women appear to age faster than men of the same age. The difference in the aging process may not be apparent because men don’t always use sunscreen on a daily basis, and their skin may have wrinkles and an older appearance.
  • Texture: a man’s skin texture is rougher, and the Stratum Corneum (outermost layer of the epidermis) is thicker, when compared to women’s skin. Puberty also stimulates the appearance of facial hair in men and gives rise to sweat secretions.

Shared Traits

  • Loss of Collagen: wrinkles are closely related to the collagen content of the skin, and the less collagen, the more wrinkles. Both men and women lose about one percent of their collagen per year after their 30th birthday. For women, however, this escalates significantly in the first five years after menopause, then slows down to a loss of about two percent per year.
  • Loss of Hyaluronic Acid: both men and women share a similar experience of diminished Hyaluronic Acid (HA) over time. HA is a natural substance found throughout our own bodies, and is abundant in young skin. By the time we’re in our 50’s, both men and women lose 80% of the body’s HA.


 Anti aging for men


Anti aging for men and women. There are different forms of wrinkle treatments available to diminish the signs of aging, including injectable fillers and topical treatments such as creams or serums. An alternative option for needle-phobes, or those seeking a better result than a topical, is WrinkleMD®. It was developed to replace the lost Hyaluronic acid by consistently replenishing it. In addition to HA, specialized anti-aging peptides give collagen and elastin an extra performance boost at the cellular level. Add Ionic energy and you deliver 8X more of these powerful peptides into your skin than basic topical application. It’s our strategy to help skin stay youthful-looking, regardless of gender. While originally formulated for women’s skin, WrinkleMD® performs exceptionally well on men because the aging traits are shared between genders. Here are untouched before and after photos of Oscar:

Anti aging for men result

“This product is great for travel or while at home. It’s like a high end spa treatment to go! Perfect for men who are finally getting on the anti-aging band wagon.” ~ Oscar

Before and After results from one 30-minute WrinkleMD treatment


With WrinkleMD, men and women can equally enjoy younger-looking skin. Start replenishing your HA today with wrinkle treatments for eye wrinkles, forehead/brow lines, and smile lines.